COACH Screams For Ice Cream

I am pleased to say that I was finally at the right place at the right time so that Girl Meets PR can finally give you PR in action.

On July 3, 2010 in Manhattan, NY I spotted the prettiest ice cream truck ever. COACH teamed up with Van Leeuwen ice cream and took over their trucks. Coach put the B in branding by decking out the ice cream truck with bright Coach logos and photos to promote a new younger and more affordable line. How could you go wrong when you mix COACH and free ice cream. The ice cream flavors were non traditional, delish, and refreshing. It was such a cute idea! I think it is important for an organization to actually get on the streets and interact with its public. Major PR points for COACH!

*Photography by Jabari Adams


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  1. My family and I were lucky enough to spot this great ice cream truck and the sweetest girl ever twice! We first saw her in SOHO on July 4th. Then on the 5th we were uptown and could not believe we saw her again! It was fate. Thank you COACH and thank you to super nice girl scooping! If you happen to see this we hope your wrist is feeling better! 🙂

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