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Wendy Williams & Husband Launch Production Company


The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Wendy Williams and her husband/ manager Kevin Hunter have launched their very own Production company. Wendy Williams Productions is set to produce reality, game and talk shows for cable and broadcast channels.

“This is a dream come true,” Williams said. “Kevin and I have been kicking around so many ideas and are excited to be able to now bring them to life with our own production shingle. As anyone who watches my show knows, I am a huge fan of all reality and game shows, and I know a thing or two about talk. Lisa has spent a career creating and producing the kind of television shows I love, and we are thrilled to have her guide our development efforts. We don’t plan on wasting much time, so stay tuned for some must-see programming ahead.” [SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter]

Wendy Williams Goes Naked for PETA & Gives Up Furs

Talk show host and gossip queen Wendy Williams took it all off for PETA‘s popular ‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ campaign.  Wendy admits she used to rock minx and fox fur but had a change of heart after seeing how cruel the animals were treated. “We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let animals keep theirs,” says Wendy. Wendy unveiled her ‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ Winter campaign in Times Square on Wednesday (November 28,2012).

In addition to the photos, Wendy and PETA are encouraging fur coat owners to donate them to the organization, who will then give them to homeless people.  PETA is working with shelters in Wendy’s home state of New Jersey for winter coat drives which is extra special since so many lost everything due to Hurricane Sandy.Check out some behind the scenes footage below.

Wendy Williams Campaigns to ‘Save The Twinkies’

Earlier this month, Hostess filed for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy filing could mean that we may have to say good-bye to the cream-filled sponge cake forever. While some are preparing for the beloved Twinkie‘s departure by stocking up, Wendy Williams has decided to save America’s favorite treat with the sweetest campaign ever.

In a humorous video, Wendy rallies her viewers to join her Facebook campaign to save the Twinkie. Although, I may have stayed away from the ever so delicious snack since graduating from college, I have to admit that Wendy just may be my hero. Yes, it’s true. Twinkies are a diet’s worst nightmare but walking into a store and not seeing the golden sponge cake on the shelf is just sad. Thanks Wendy for leading this campaign!

Draya Keeps Wendy’s Hot Seat Warm

Not sure if she has a hard-working publicist or if she just knows how to hold her own in a sweet and spicy conversation, but Draya kept perfect composure while visiting Wendy Williams. We all know Wendy doesn’t care what comes out of her mouth, so natural she threw hard-hitting slightly inappropriate questions at the VH1 Basketball Wives: LA reality star. Surprisingly, Draya did not dodge the questions. Seems like she owns who she is and it showed during Tuesday’s interview. Thumbs up Dray!

My favorite question of the entire interview is between the 3:24 and 3:35 mark. Like…really Wendy?  Watch below.

“Braxton Family Values” Reunion Promo Pics

The Braxton women are all dolled up and owning the red carpet and step & repeat at the taping of their reunion show hosted by Wendy Williams. The taping took place in L.A. at Occidental Studios and with the first season coming to a close, it should be airing soon.

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