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Does Kim K.’s Divorce Announcement Tarnish Dress Replicas?

On Halloween, Kim K. announced that she would be splitting from soon to be ex-husband, Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage. The Kardashian-Humphries wedding gained attention world-wide and a large list of brands wanted in on the “storybook” day.

High-end designer, Vera Wang designed three beautiful dress for Kim’s big day. In September, Wang revealed that she would add two dresses to her White by Vera Wang Collection for David’s Bridal that were inspired by Kim’s one-of-a-kind dresses. Wang told E! News she wanted to create a more affordable version of the tulle ball gown worn during the ceremony as well as the ruffled mermaid dress she wore at the reception.  Both replica’s are slated to hit David Bridal’s stores in February for $1,500 each. Before the split, the Kim K. inspired gowns were a hot item for sure but critics are speculating the dresses will be a joke.

Despite the failed marriage, negative press and the mixed sales projections, the executive VP of David’s Bridal Brian Beitler said, “The entire White by Vera Wang Spring 2012 collection will be available exclusively at David’s Bridal stores next season.”

The media is calling the dresses “cursed”. I don’t care what the media says. I’ve watched enough Say Yes To The Dress episodes to know that a beautiful wedding dress will sale…Kim K. or no Kim K.! I predict the Spring 2012 Collection will be fine.

Kim K. in 3D for WMB Magazine

Reality star Kim K. goes 3D for the launch of  WMB (World’s Most Beautiful), the world’s first three-dimensional magazine. WMB will available for all smart phones, iPads and tablets. It will also be in print for a short while. To see this starlet pop, you must you special 3-D glasses.

I love the 3D mag idea. It was only a matter of time.

Kim K. vs Old Navy

Reality star Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy and  its parent company, Gap for the clothing store’s alleged use of a look-a-like which violates her publicity rights.

An Old Navy commercial which aired on February 2011 features a women who closely resembles Kim K. Kim’s lawsuit says consumers may be confused by the ads and her actual endorsement. Her lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages and wants a federal judge to prevent Old Navy from using a Kardashian lookalike model in its ads again.

The model in the ad but not named in lawsuit is Melissa Molinaro. If you don’t really follow reality television, you may not be too familiar with Molinaro. She appeared on Making the Band 3 & Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll. She is also in the middle of recording an album. Kim Kardashian just initiated a lawsuit while Melissa Molinaro is getting a ton of free publicity!

View the commercial that is in the center of the Kim K. vs Old Navy lawsuit below.

Sketchers’ Shape-Ups Now Target’s Young Girls…bad idea?

Now look at this…

With all the excitement surrounding First Lady Michele Obama’s anti-obesity campaign and the recent collabo with mega-star Beyonce, it is only right that fitness brands jump on the bandwagon, right? Well, it sounds about right, but of course a flaw has been found in Sketchers’ new sneaker release.

Sketchers has recently launched new Shape-Ups for girls and media ads to go with.  Unfortunately, the classic brand is being scrutinized by consumers.  The new Shape-Ups are being heavily compared to the original Shape-Ups and its marketing approach.

The originals were endorsed by “bootylicious” reality star, Kim Kardashian and promised women toned calves and  a picture perfect booty.  With Kim K. and a quick shot of her famous asset, I am sure Sketchers made a comeback. Sadly, some brands just don’t know how to end on a good note.

Once a young girl sees Kim K.’s commercial and then the cartoon commercial created with her in mind, the last thing she is going to be fascinated by is the importance of health and fitness. She is going to head straight to the mirror, take a look at her bottom and pick apart her body image; starting with the shape of her booty. Not cool.

I see where Sketchers was going with this idea, but I think I may have to roll with the consumers on this one.

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