2010 New Voices Tour

Girl Meets PR is dedicated to bringing light to the sounds of new and independent artist. Major is great but indie is just as great if not better in some cases. If you haven’t caught on by now Girl Meets PR loves new voices and there is a tour dedicated to just that.

Vanessa Simmons, Angela Simmons, Aaron Reid, and Antonio Reid Jr. have planned and executed the New Voices Tour with the help of La Reid and the Simmons Brothers. The tour has visited Washington already and will be visiting Cleveland, Orlando, San Diego, and Dallas next to discover new musical talent. There are a gang of celebrities that will helping to pick acts from each city. At the end of the tour, winners from each city will perform at New York Finale by Antonio “LA” Reid and “Rev Run”. Prizes include:

  • An Artist Development deal with The A&R Factory
  • A recording budget to professionally record your best songs
  • Selected contestants will be chosen to compete on 106 & Park’s Wild Out Wed
  • A full makeover by a professional celebrity stylist
  • A private showcase with some of the top music industry recording labels
  • A professional write-up in a major music website and/or magazine

Washington Semi-Finalists are Fuse, Jupiter Express, Mumbo Sauce, A.B.H.O., King Swagg, Mugsy Malone, Cocheese, Phenom, Young Jase, Zavali. Girl Meets PR is looking forward to finding out the next semi-finalists and the finale in NYC.

Visit for more info and to sign up for an audition slot.


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