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Kelly Rowland for UK’s “Make Mine Milk”

While Kelly Rowland is in the UK working as a judge for UK’s X Factor, she is soaking up all of press opportunities coming her way. Adding to her list of campaign endorsements, Rowland is the new face of UK’s version of the US “Got Milk?” Campaign, “Make Mine Milk”.

She speaks on the effect milk has on her body:
“I really believe that looking after your body makes you feel good on the inside and happy on the outside. When I’m feeling fit, I also feel confident and comfortable in my own skin. I like to eat healthily and milk is an important part of that; I have muesli with semi-skimmed milk when I wake up in the morning and now that I am spending this winter in London, I love to pick up a latte on my way home from the studio when it’s cold outside!”

Behind the Scenes photos below:

Spokes-model, Kelly Rowland for Empress

Singer Kelly Rowland sits pretty as she promotes the new Empress fragrance from Sean John as its official spokes-model. She posed at the Ciroc Cabana Club in Water Mill, NY on August 3rd with the fragrance that will find a home in Macy’s department stores this month.

Empress is stated to be the female counterpart of the I Am King fragrance. The press release states:

“Empress is a woman’s secret weapon allowing her to rule over her domain. She is more powerful than a king; she is Empress. The woman who wears Empress is a force of nature, powerful, enchanting and uniquely feminine. Her presence captivates and her words inspire, compelling those around her to her cause. Men long to be by her side, women want to know her secrets.”

Rowland is hot right now and will the success of her leading single, “Motivation” guys every where are drooling and even women are admiring the singer. This was a good choice from Sean John. I can not wait to see the ad campaign. Can you?

“Sexy Abs” with Jeanette Jenkins + Kelly Rowland

Hollywood Trainer, Jeanette Jenkins recruited R&B singer Kelly Rowland for her new “Sexy Abs” workout video coming soon. Rowland praises Jenkins for amazing body in the press so it was only right. Jenkins released 6 shots from the shoot on her Facebook page yesterday. Check them out below.

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New Music: “Favor” by Lonny Bereal

Lonny Bereal, former background singer for Brandy, Jamie Foxx, Tank and Destiny’s Child, releases “Favor” featuring Kelly Rowland. The feel of the sexy ballad, is reminiscent of J Holiday’s “Bed” but is catchy enough to be an after-dark favorite.

Lonny Bereal feat. Kelly Rowland – “Favor”

Cover Girl: Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland adds beauty and edge to the September cover of Pride Magazine. The cover story, Kelly Rowland Takes Command of Her Destiny, is such a clever title and will stand out on shelves. Sometimes it takes a great play on words to sell some magazines.

Pride Mag is the UK’s first ever monthly black publication that launched in 1990. Thumbs up!

Name Kelly Rowland’s New Album

When Kelly Rowland decided to name her third album Kelly Rowland she didn’t get a great response so now she is asking for the help of her fans to help her name her upcoming project. If you have suggestions for the title of the album to be released in the fall then head to Kelly’s official site.

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