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Solange Knowles for Carol’s Daughter NEW Transitioning Kit

Singer, dj and model Solange Knowles has been a spokespersonl for Carol’s Daughter for some time now. Since then, she has a become iconic in the natural hair world which made her the perfect person to represent the brand’s new Relaxed-to-Natural Transitioning Kit.

The transitioning kit is the first hair care treatment kit to assist women with their journey from relaxed to natural. The 1-2-3 kit aims to help with product build-up, shedding, damage to the scalp and dry hair. Some are calling it the “miracle” kit and it can be purchased at for $40.

Knowles graced the kit’s campaign video. Watch below.

Solange Drops New Music via Twitter

This afternoon, Solange gifted us with a new song via Twitter. She mentioned on Twitter that she wrote “Favors” four years ago and the track has nothing to do with her album. “I just felt like sharing today,” she tweeted to her 600,000+ followers. I love it so now I’m sharing. Listen below!

Solange for Rimmel London

Singer Solange Knowles has come into her own and isn’t afraid to highlight her style and personality. She has become a role model for young girls and women which may be why Carol’s Daughter made her one of the faces for their brand. Mega beauty brand, Rimmel London also wants Solange’s spark to light up their ad campaign.

Knowles had this to say about taking on the role:

“I am very careful of ever putting the role model tag on my shoulders. I am human and I am expected to have imperfections and make mistakes,” said Solange. “However, if there are positive things I do that inspire or influence people I feel like my purpose as a person is that much more fulfilled. When I announced my role with Rimmel, I felt really proud to see such a positive response especially being that I represent someone of color, a single mom, an artist…and that I don’t have to compromise my views to do so!”

Covergirl Mag Coverage!

The self-proclaimed Barbie and most talked about female rap artist, Nicki Minaj, is no stranger to a magazine cover. This time she is fierce yet a bit spaced on the cover of OUT magazine. For those of you new to OUT, it is a very popular LGBT ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) magazine. Pics of the Nicki shoot below and read the article at

Known to mix patterns beautifully, Solange Knowles, graces the cover of FASHIZBLACK magazine. Inside she talks about her style and more.

I was standing by a news stand on Wall st. in NYC just the other day. I was conversing on my cell phone but was immediately put off when I saw two girls point and laugh at the magazine cover above. The above cover is very controversial due to these reasons listed all over the net: race, weight and possible retouching of actual skin color.

Shine from Yahoo had this to say:

In the world of American fashion magazines, women of color have notoriously been underrepresented, pretty much since the birth of print. Ditto the plus-size population, who go almost entirely absent from the pages of big-name publications, as if they don’t exist.

So it is safe to say that actress, Gabourey Sidibe is breaking down barriers and I couldn’t be prouder or happier. It makes me feel like I could be on a magazine cover one day but I will stick to blogging. Just knowing that myself as well as other African-American plus size women have that opportunity is an amazing feeling. It is no long a dream for my fellow thick and curvy sistahs. It is now achievable. I commend Gabourey for being a brave and beautiful trendsetter.

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