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Press Play Thursday

I haven’t heard much from this bad girl songstress since she came to Hampton University my freshman year in 2006 and pranced around the stage grabbing her crotch confessing how much she needed a boss. Shareefa is back and just released a song titled, Ya Love. Raheem Devaughn is featuring on this track. I think it is the perfect summer love song. Listen below.

Shareefa feat. Raheem Devaughn – “Ya Love”


Pure is an R&B artist from Newark, NJ. A night at the club in Jersey isn’t complete if the DJ doesn’t play his latest hit, Body Talk. I have to admit when I heard Body Talk, I just knew Pure was going to be a one hit club wonder but after listening to more of his stuff I have changed my mind. He might get a little more than 15 minuets of fame. We shall see but for now here is  featuring Red Cafe, the latest effort from Pure. Oh, and because I love you all so much I have posted Body Talk, as a Press Play Thursday Bonus Track. Body Talk is old news for you Jersey natives but for all of you outside of the garden state it’s a gift. Press play and enjoy!

Pure feat. Red Cafe – “Sample”

Pure – “Body Talk”


So you should know by now that Wale is releasing a mixtape on August 3rd. The countdown for More About Nothing has already begun but until the release date occupy your ears with The Eyes Of The Tiger, a very new track inspired by Tiger Woods and his infamous sex scandal. The song is kind of funny but its real talk.

Wale – “The Eyes Of The Tiger”

Trees…Not Just For Paper.

G-Shock, an iconic timepiece, is taking it to the trees. The new Wood Shock watches are a collaborative effort from Saint48 and PRPLMNT. The Wood Shock’s bodies are 100% hand and laser crafted. The wood bodies were made to mirror the original G-Shock bodies. This $250 accessory is a great addition to any watch lover’s collection. The watches come in red, black and natural.

Still Getting Nothing From Wale

One of GMPR‘s favorite rapper, Wale, is returning to our speakers with the drop of his new mixtape. More About Nothing is the sequel to his 2008’s The Mixtape About Nothing and drops August 3rd. Although very popular, mixtapes are nothing new but making commercials and promos for your mixtape is. You know how we do it at GMPR…we have to without a doubt give Wale major PR points for the commercials.

Cake On a Plate…No Way!

Looking for a way to shake things up? Are you the nontraditional party planner? Do you want your party guest to know that you have mastered thinking outside of the box and off the plate? Well, do just that. Don’t hand them a slice of cake on a plate but do give them cupcakes in a jar.

Cupcakes in a jar is such a cute idea and it makes for the perfect favor. I never met anyone who doesn’t like red velvet cake so I am so sure that your guest will jump at the chance to savor this favor (corny…I know but I had to say it).

For step by step instructions and pictures go to the  My Cakies Blog.

Product Review: Yum Yum Candle

Yum Yum Candle, LLC is a small candle company. Owners, Chelsea, Kenitra, and Kelly produce the most amazingly-scented products and its all completely eco-friendly. The women of Yum Yum Candle were kind enough to send me some products and after experiencing them I WILL NOT be making any more trips to Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle. I have been burning Lavender Vanilla in my dining room, Orange Pome – Tini in my bedroom, Mango Colada in the bathroom, and spraying Ambrosia in my car. My sense of smell has never been more fulfilled!

The candles are made with soy wax. There are many benefits to burning soy wax candles which include the absence of carcinogenic compounds which can be toxic to the air. Also, soy wax is biodegradable and sustainable. I had company over and the response from my guest when she walked in was literally “Yum”. The candles smell so good and I love how the wax turns into oil that you can actually massage into your skin. Also, when the candles are burning the air smells so clean and after I blew the candle out the scent was still very apparent in the room.

* 3 photos by Jabari Adams

Yum Yum candles make great gifts for when you want to get yourself something special or  for your family and friends. The company is available to host parties in the northern NJ/NY area which is perfect for a girls night out event and yes, they do favors!

Candles aren’t the only product Yum Yum offers. The LLC also offers room & linen spray, reed diffusers, gift sets, body massage candles, and is currently working hard to bring you Yum E’scentials  Body Care. I would like to see them create oils and oil burners next.

For more information and to order your Yum Yum products head to their official website and then stay connected through Twitter and Facebook.

P.S. GMPR fully supports working for yourself and being your own boss. These three women are truly an inspiration. Please follow my lead and support the entrepreneurial movement. You can start by supporting Yum Yum Candles, LLC. Tell a friend and I bet your friend will tell a friend.

Unreleased or New Release?

So much buzz on the net yesterday  ( July 26,2010) that I couldn’t let this wait until Press Play Thursdays! “What was all the buzz about?” you ask. Well, a track by Miss Hill hit the world wide web. The song is called “Repercussions” and there is no word on whether the song is a new one or an old one. Listen to it and let me know what you think…new skool or old skool?

Lauryn Hill – “Repercussions”

Press Play Thursday >

I am so excited to bring you new music this Thursday. With an interesting mix of music, there is enough to keep you occupied for at least 15 minuets. When you press play I am almost positive that you won’t be disappointed. Up first is Kingpen Slim.

Kingpen Slim, a DC artist , is too busy to beat his feet because he is working hard to bring us music we can bop to. He labels his music different and you know how much GMPR loves different. He says, “I like to call it ‘up south’. Being from DC we’re right in the middle and my music reflects that.” Kingpen Slim is for sure an artist to watch for. Major labels are interested so it shouldn’t be long before we hear  a lot more from him. His newest single, “The Way You Move”, has an old school feel and it is super smooth. Check it out below…press play.

Kingpen Slim feat. Wale STS Phil Ade – “The Way You Move”


We have heard a lot from the sisters of Nina Sky in the past, both good and bad. There is not much to say about the vocals in their newest single, “You Ain’t Got It (Funk That)”, but there is a lot to say about the feel of the song. Listen for yourself and tell me what you think.

Nina Sky- “You Ain’t Got It (Funk That)”


Last Thursday, I introduced your ears to “Bottoms Up”, the first single off of Trey Songz new upcoming album. Although I thought it was a decent party song, It hasn’t been getting great feedback on the net. Many say “I Want You”, a track that has been surfing around the net, is more like the Trey everybody knows and loves. I like it. Do you?

Trey Songz – “I Want You”


GMPR is completely and utterly in love with this song by Rudy Currence. Currence is often compared to legends like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye but I have no doubt that he would fit in with the likes of Neyo and John Legend. He has released two full length albums independently through Mike Chek Entertainment and has recently signed with DTP Records. He should be releasing a new album very soon but for now check out his newest single, “Anymore”. Also, learn more about the R&B singer by clicking here.

Rudy Currence –  “Anymore”

Celebrate Indie This July

On July 24, 2010, Greedmony Park, SMKA, and Overthrow presents the 3rd Annual Atlanta Indie Fest. Last year the fest introduced you to B.O.B, Yelawolf, Mickey Factz, and Donnis. This year enjoy Hollyweerd, Mach Five, Aleon Craft, Hollywood Holt, Million Dollar Mano, Grip Plyaz, White Light Records, FKI, and many more at 10 Krog St. in Atlanta, GA.

This event is said to be the best annual event in Atlanta. Food, parties, and good music is what is is all about. Click here for tickets!


Looking for an great indie film experience? Well, New York  has just what your looking for! Rooftop Films provides underground movies outdoors all summer long. The 2010 summer series is in its 14th year and runs every weekend until August 15th. Documentaries, fiction, drama, comedy, animation, and more are all genres of film that can be found on the big outdoor screen. All films are independent New York, US or World premieres. Each Roof Top event is unique so if your find yourself in New York don’t miss out on this memorable event. Click here for a schedule of the screenings.

Forever 21 Responds

Forever 21, a very popular clothing chain that attracts many shoppers who are under 21 was questioned about their motives for releasing the new line, Love 21 Maternity, in  five states. The five states include Arizona, Alaska, California, Utah, and Texas. The chain began to receive heavy criticism when The Gloss, a fashion blog, noticed that the five states the clothing chain chose to launch their line have some of the highest rates of teen pregnancy.

Executive vice president, Larry Meyer stands by the line and declares that the launch locations were not apart of the marketing strategies. “Forever 21 did not create, design or distribute Love 21 Maternity to target, or appeal specifically to pregnant teens. Any relationship between teen pregnancy rates and the locations of our stores is unintentional,” said Meyer.

That was the perfect public relations statement but it isn’t too believable. The launch locations appear to be very random. I hope there was some strategy behind the location selections. In my opinion it’s smart to launch a line full of trendy maternity clothes to states with high pregnancy rates. There is profit to be made in those states. I am not justifying teen pregnancy but teens are going to get pregnant with or without the clothes in my opinion so why not take advantage of the situation but I guess for PR sakes  Forever 21 chose the right words.

Drake For President?

In a recent interview with Paper Magazine, Drake expresses how much he would love to play President Obama if a movie was made about him.

I hope somebody makes a movie about Obama’s life soon because I could play him. That’s the goal [laughs]. I watch all the addresses. Anytime I see him on TV, I don’t change the channel, I definitely pay attention and listen to the inflections of his voice. If you ask anyone who knows me, I’m pretty good at impressions. Slowly but surely, I’m not in the study mode because nobody’s called me about anything, but I just pay attention so when the day comes I’m not scrambling to learn how to speak like him. I want to be involved in great film projects. I don’t want to do the basketball movie that everyone does. I don’t want to do the typical black film that everyone expects. I think that I have enough experience to actually be involved in a real meaty project full of substance.”

I can’t see Drake playing President Obama but you can’t knock a brother for dreams and ambitions. I keep forgetting he is an actor turned rapper so maybe I would watch it. Actually I would like to see him in a movie but not just any movie but a meaty project as he would say. Maybe the big screen would do him so justice because his videos on the small screen don’t. I guess for now, Drake can keep making good music until something else worth while comes his way.

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