Think Outside Of The Box For Decor Ideas

This test tube centerpiece is beautiful and not a first thought kind of idea. This creative idea is so simple but not a obvious choice. It has a blend of modern and classic. The centerpiece is super unique and will fit into any home or event.

I saw this posted on ellyB Events blog. They suggest using the test tube centerpiece in areas where you want a minimal decor impact but an impact nonetheless. For example, in your guest bathroom or at the bar of a cocktail party. I think those are perfect suggestions.

Also found on the ellyB Events blog was this…

hanging frames for escort cards! I am in love with this idea. This decor idea is a marriage between vintage and contemporary. Simply placing table seating cards on a banquet table is so blah. Do something different. The hanging frames is the perfect inspiration for a custom idea.

And last, also found on the the ellyB Events blog are the sweater vases.

Just in time for the winter, these sweater covered vases will give any cozy home a even softer feel. This is the cutest DIY decor idea.

Head to the ellyB Events blog for even more event planning ideas and the original sources of the ideas you saw here.

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  1. Thank you so much for the blog love. Your blog is amazing.

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