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Cover Girl: Nicki Minaj

Vibe Magazine announces that Hip Hop’s barbie doll, Nicki Minaj will grace the cover of the June/July issue. The photo above is only a teaser and sneak peak of what’s to come. Nicki Minaji has all the guys drooling and almost every female talking (good or bad) so, this cover girl is a good look for VIBE. I predict a sold out issue. PR points for VIBE!

Event Quick Tip: Stock your bar

What’s a party without a bar? I know your thinking alcohol but I’m thinking shrimp and sushi, lollipops and chocolate, or cake and cookies. Bars are the it thing for events. I guarantee you your guests will enjoy a raw bar, candy bar, or dessert bar. All sounds really delicious and your guests will talk about it for months. Whether your choosing raw fish or sweets, just make sure that you have plenty to ensure your bar is fully stocked.

Raw Bar

Candy Bar

Dessert Bar

NFL Picks New Jersey for 2014

This is your favorite Jersey girl reporting… on May 25, 2010 NFL owners voted to host the 2014 Superbowl at the new $1.6 billion Meadowland Stadium. The stadium is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey and will be home to the New York Jets and Giants. the 2014 Bowl will be the first time a game is located in a cold-weather site that doesn’t have a dome.  It’s a risky move due to the record cold weather in February. Lets just hope it doesn’t snow or rain.

Spotlight: Moruf

I can’t stop bopping my head in front of this computer screen so I couldn’t help myself. I had to share!

Moruf, a true Jersey dude and college boy has given me a new sense of appreciation for rap music. I love music and the art of it will always have my heart. So, that is why I am proud to say there is something extra special about Moruf (although I’m sure I’m not the first to say this). His music is nothing like the typical dance tracks we hear on the radio all day ever day. I actually listen to his words and not just his hook!

Check out his myspace page at for more musics, photos, and info.

Free Dreams by Moruf/ Directed and Edited by JuJu Mogul

Retire Ronald McDonald…are you kidding?

For years the beloved Ronald has been almost every child’s fast food favorite buddy and the face of McDonald’s. According to Ashley M. Heher in a article titled, Crowd boos calls for McDonald’s to retire Ronald, critics are ready to say goodbye to the happy face clown. Others including myself and McDonald’s CEO, Jim Skinner say NO WAY! Critics feel Ronald promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. Skinner stuck by his golden arches mascot saying “no” to a room full of shareholders who gathered for a meeting at the company’s headquarters in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, Ill. Shareholders applauded and booed the critics.

“He is a force for good,” Skinner said, adding that the nearly 50-year-old clown is an ambassador for the McDonald’s brand and its Ronald McDonald House Charities. “He communicates effectively with children and families around balanced, active lifestyles. He does not hawk food.” — Crowd boos calls for McDonald’s to retire Ronald by Ashley M. Heher

I completely agree with Jim Skinner. What good is the McDonald’s brand without Ronald? Boston organization, Corporate Accountability International, seems to think there is a bright future for McDonald’s with Ronald. Representatives are going full force with a “Retire Ronald” Campaign by getting 10,000 supporters, but  McDonald’s shareholders are trying to shut that movement down.

Side Note– If you haven’t noticed yet, McDonald’s locations are adapting a new cafe style look. With all the new changes, Im not surprised critics are trying to completely erase Ronald. You can find pictures of different cafe style McDonald’s below.

Events and Sponsors: SEX AND THE CITY 2

I have a confession to make. I have watched the Sex and The City movie over 50 times. I love it. So many of us girls live through the iconic characters and on May 27th we will live again. The second installment is highly anticipated but what is Sex and The City without fun events and innovative sponsors.

Check out these fun and sexy Sex and The City events!

  • Sarah Jessica Parker introduces, SJP NYC, a new fragrance inspired by Carrie Bradshaw
  • Macy’s Girls Weekend Out! The Weekend of May 20-23 shop at Macy’s and enjoy fabulous gifts and events. For more details head to

Experience products from these Sex and The City sponsors!

  • HP PC’s
  • Lipton Tea
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Moet & Chandon (A word from your girl: Drink Responsibly)
  • Skyy Vodka Cocktail Couture (A word from your girl: Drink Responsibly)
  • Swarovski

Fruit and Floral?

Looking for your home or event space to pop with color? Well…pick up a fruit! Adding fruit to a centerpiece arrangement means less flowers which will end save you more. Also, the fruit is eco-friendly, edible, elegant, and will add an amazing summer smell to your space. Whether the fruit is sliced or whole, this is a total do it yourself (DIY) project, so go ahead and try it!

Toyota’s Swagger Wagon?!?

PR 101: Public relations can briefly be defined as an organization building a relationship with its public.

A minivan ultimately is a tough sell because the only people shopping for one are die hard soccer moms and larger than your average families. I guess the Toyota family brainstormed on how to make minivans cooler and more appealing and they came up with SWAGGER WAGON. I love the attempt. I can bet people will never look at minivans the same again. Toyota definitely earned major PR points for this commercial. Its all over the net.

Spotlight: Priscilla Renea

OMG! 20 year old singer/songwriter Priscilla Renea transformed from internet sensation to major recording artist. Florida native and Capitol Record’s new it girl released Jukebox, her debut album. Jukebox is colorful and full of character. If your sick of the same ten songs you hear on the radio all day and want to finally here something unique, Priscilla’s got it. Her newest single “LOVESICK”  immediately caught my attention. I LOVE IT!

OPI Goes Shrek

SHREK The Final Chapter will be in theaters in 3D on May21st, 2010. (Go to to view the trailer) In the meantime, OPI Nail Lacquer has been promoting a highly anticipated collaboration!

OPI, a girl’s favorite nail polish brand has partnered with DreamWork’s Shrek. This summer on beauty shelves near you, you will find 6 unique limited edition shades. This collabo brings you colors like Funky Dunkey, Who The Shrek Are You?, and Fiercely Fiona. Don’t let your nails go unnoticed this summer! Shock them with a bold Shrek green that others wouldn’t dare to wear.  I don’t know about you but I got my eye on that Fiercely Fiona.

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