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Angela Simmons To Launch Hair Extension Line With Indique Hair

On Thursday, Angela Simmons announced via Twitter that she is launching a hair extension line with Indique Hair. The line will be out June 21st and I know thousands of girls are jumping up and down super excited to rock the super long extensions Angela wears on a daily. When it comes to hair, Angela is almost like a role model, so I am sure we can expect hot colors and textures.

Allen Iverson Relaunches Reebok Sneaker

allen iverson Watch This: Philly Fans Show Allen Iverson Love Before Game 6After receiving  a standing ovation while delivering the game ball from the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center, former Sixer Allen Iverson maybe ready after all to relaunch his original Reebok Question sneaker. For the first time since 1996, the sneaker will be in stores today, May 25th.

In related news, Iverson spoke with Sports Illustrated to talk about the status of his career.

“I’m not using that word retirement. I want to play basketball so bad,” he continued. He continued, “I mean, the way it is right now, I’ve accepted the fact that playing in the NBA might not happen,” he added. “But I still want to play basketball. If I can get an opportunity to where it’s going to make me happy at the end of my career, I’ll take that opportunity. But I just love to play and I want to have another opportunity to play on the professional level.”

His career may questionable but maybe good sneakers sales could revive his image and get him back on the court. Just a thought!

Christina Millian Working On A New Swimwear Line

Singer, host and actress Christina Millian recently took to Twitter and Facebook to express her excitement for a new project she is working on. Millian is now designing with Nicole Di Rocco of Nicolita Swimwear to produce her very own swimwear line.  The Dip It Low singer has been spotted at fabric stores in LA and is in the second phase of the process.

BET Releases Statment About Reworking The Game

Two days ago, the news broke that Tia Mowry would be leaving The Game to promote her other projects. Rumors were also spreading that Pooch Hall would not be returning for another season. Well, BET has confirmed.

“As a result of Pooch’s involvement on a new project, BET is in the process of reworking the casting and storyline of the show,” said a statement from the network. “That said, we hope both Pooch and Tia will make several guest appearances. While we miss the incredible adventures of Melanie and Derwin on ‘The Game,’ we appreciate all of their hard work, the laughs and wish them both the best in their future endeavors.” [SOURCE]

#TBT: Lil Kim – “No Matter What They say”

Thanks to Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club and all the Lil Kim chatter today, I figured it was the perfect week to post a throwback Queen Bee video. “No Matter What They Say” was the first single from her second album The Notorious K.I.M., released in 2000. The single made the Billboard Hot 100 list and was a chart topper in the UK as well. The album later went on to become certified platinum selling over 3 million copies world-wide. Enjoy!

Rocsi and Terrence Leaving “106th & Park”

Oh no, more BET changes this week. First Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall wave bye-bye to The Game and now Rocsi Diaz and Terrence J have decided to turn in their 106th & Park microphones for movie scripts. BET’s dynamic duos are dropping like flies.

Rocsi and Terrence have been hosting BET’s 106th & Park since 2006 but with their acting careers on the rise, both are leaving the show. Rocsi will be featured in the movie “Soul Ties” and Terrence landed a major role in Steve Harvey’s “Think Like A Man.”

I can’t be mad at them for moving on. They revived 106th & Park after many of didn’t think the show would go on without out Free and AJ. Can’t wait to see more of the pair on the big screen.

Basketball Wives Responds To Current Media Attention

Over the last couple of weeks your favorite guilty pleasure Basketball Wives has been under the microscope and a major target for heavy criticism. Viewers have voiced their disgust for the way cast members are behaving on the show and are afraid their behavior reflects poorly on every day women. Shaunie addressed the constant fighting on the reunion show, “I feel that all these ladies take responsibility for what their actions are…and after seeing ourselves this season, it definitely was a lot more bad than good.” She continued “I’ve really tried to preach the whole ‘Let’s get some balance’ and now I think my voice is resonating.”

Despite online petitions and such negative scrutiny, Basketball Wives has been picked up for a fifth season. Although the viewers’ dissatisfaction has not put a stop to the show, the cast and producers have vowed to do things differently the next season. Evelyn Lozada, Shed Media & VH1 weighs in on the recent negative media attention.

From Evelyn:
“I’m confident that I speak for many of us on the show that when it comes to creating a better balance for television, we are all working very hard to do just that. Many of us are getting help for our inner issues and striving to portray a more positive image overall. Tahiti was just an example of all of us being a true work in progress…Hang in there with us, as we vow to grow and become better!” [SOURCE]

From Shed:
“Shed Media US is fully committed to telling the compelling stories of the Basketball Wives in a balanced way. Our producing partner Shaunie O’Neal feels strongly about this, and we fully agree with this stance. We support her as she encourages the cast members to work out issues in a non-violent fashion. We look forward to working with her and the rest of the cast on conveying more balance in the next season.”[SOURCE]

From VH1:
“Our viewers opinions always matter a great deal to us at VH1. Lately, there has been a lot of conversation about Basketball Wives, a series featuring strong, intelligent women with very passionate viewpoints which can sometimes escalate. We at VH1 agree with and support Shaunie and the show producers’ “no excessive physical confrontations” policy on the series moving forward. We are all committed to balancing the candid, bold excitement that the viewers have come to love in the series with storylines and representations they can be proud of. Shaunie has been a strong advocate for a more balanced approach to the show and we, along with our producing partners at Shed Media, are all in agreement about moving forward with that goal.” [SOURCE]

Tia Mowry Says Goodbye to BET’s “The Game”

Oh Baby author Tia Mowry took to Twitter to announce her departure from her beloved character Melanie Barnett Davis and BET’s fan favorite The Game. Now that Tia will not be taping for season 6, she will keep busy promoting her book, season 2 of  the Tia & Tamera and an ABC Family movie. I’m not sure how The Game will survive without Melanie but I guess if Single Ladies could keep it moving without Stacey Dash than so can The Game. At least I hope they can. Will you stick around to watch season 6 without Tia as Melanie?

“Forget” by Lianne La Havas

Miss Dimplez “put me on” to Lianne La Havas and her single “Forget”. I can’t express enough how much I love a good indie artist and I am feeling her sound. Lianne produces and records her own material which is DOPE! Check out “Forget” below. {SOURCE}

Pepsi’s “Live for Now” Commercial featuring Nicki Minaj

Pepsi slightly remixed Nicki Minaj‘s platinum selling single, “Moment 4 Life” for their new commercial. Minaj doesn’t appear in the “Live for Now” commercial until the end but the Pepsi commercial definitely wouldn’t have been the same without her.

“Live for Now,” the overarching campaign, underscores Pepsi’s attempt at re-associating itself with pop culture. The company has a lot riding on the advertisements, as its marquee beverage was recently knocked out of the No. 2 spot, behind Diet Coke (Coke remains the top soda). [SOURCE]

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