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Trey Songz Weighs In On Cyber Bullying in VMAN

In her very first Interview, super-model Selita Ebanks sits down with singer Trey Songz for VMAN. In the Trey dished about his upcoming album, touring, his foundation and bullying. Peep his thoughts on cyber-bullying below.

SE There has been a lot of cyber bullying and a lot of hate toward young people, through the Internet, texting, and things of that nature. What message would you send to young people as far as bullying goes?

TS Bullying is childish, and a lot of kids get stuck in situations where obviously something is wrong at home, so it’s kind of a release for them. It’s a comfort blanket and it’s affecting so many people as well as themselves. It’s important to speak not only to the people being bullied but to the bullies as well. To the people out there who are being bullied, just stay strong. There’s only one you. I tell this to people all the time, to kids, to grown men, grown women: there’s only one you, and to think that being you is not enough is to say that God didn’t do his job, because He only made one you, and that alone should show you that you’re special. [SOURCE]

Read the entire interview and see exclusive VMAN pics of Trey Songz at


So many our anticipating the release of J COLE‘s debut album, COLE WORLD: The Sideline Story. He has given us hit mixtapes and now he is in preparation for his first album. This week J COLE is dominating the media outlets and as usually we are embracing him. From radio play to magazine features, J COLE is in demand.

J COLE premiered his “Can’t Get Enough” video featuring Trey Songz on MTV. The video was directed by Clifton Bell and filmed in Barbados. Some say the visual is reminiscent of his mentor’s “Big Pimpin'” video. Watch below.

Continuing his efforts to build on our anticipation, J COLE released a track with Jay-Z titled “Mr. Nice Watch”. We have been waiting for a collaboration from the two since the North Carolina native signed with Roc Nation. Now it’s here and people are loving it. Two GOOD rappers on one song and can you go wrong. It’s hard enough to get one good rapper on a song sometimes. Listen below.

J COLE feat. Jay-Z – “Mr. Nice Watch”

Told you J COLE was all over the place this week. A new video, new track off the album and a feature in GQ magazine. COLE will be featured in the October issue of GQ which will be stacked on magazine stands every where September 20th.

COLE WORLD: The Sideline Story hits stores September 27th. With such skill and amazing promo, I’m pretty sure the album won’t be on shelves for long and will need to be restocked a couple of times over.

New Music: Weekend Recap

Due to a crazy work week, I was not able to do Press Play Thursday but no one knows better than GMPR that people crave new music. So, I’m sorry but to make up for it you can find new music that released this weekend below.

Nicki Minaj feat. Will.I.Am – “Check It Out”

Kayne West feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver, Nicki Minaj – “Monster”

Trey Songz – “Door Bell”

Fabolous – “You Be Killin Em”

Press Play Thursday >

I am so excited to bring you new music this Thursday. With an interesting mix of music, there is enough to keep you occupied for at least 15 minuets. When you press play I am almost positive that you won’t be disappointed. Up first is Kingpen Slim.

Kingpen Slim, a DC artist , is too busy to beat his feet because he is working hard to bring us music we can bop to. He labels his music different and you know how much GMPR loves different. He says, “I like to call it ‘up south’. Being from DC we’re right in the middle and my music reflects that.” Kingpen Slim is for sure an artist to watch for. Major labels are interested so it shouldn’t be long before we hear  a lot more from him. His newest single, “The Way You Move”, has an old school feel and it is super smooth. Check it out below…press play.

Kingpen Slim feat. Wale STS Phil Ade – “The Way You Move”


We have heard a lot from the sisters of Nina Sky in the past, both good and bad. There is not much to say about the vocals in their newest single, “You Ain’t Got It (Funk That)”, but there is a lot to say about the feel of the song. Listen for yourself and tell me what you think.

Nina Sky- “You Ain’t Got It (Funk That)”


Last Thursday, I introduced your ears to “Bottoms Up”, the first single off of Trey Songz new upcoming album. Although I thought it was a decent party song, It hasn’t been getting great feedback on the net. Many say “I Want You”, a track that has been surfing around the net, is more like the Trey everybody knows and loves. I like it. Do you?

Trey Songz – “I Want You”


GMPR is completely and utterly in love with this song by Rudy Currence. Currence is often compared to legends like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye but I have no doubt that he would fit in with the likes of Neyo and John Legend. He has released two full length albums independently through Mike Chek Entertainment and has recently signed with DTP Records. He should be releasing a new album very soon but for now check out his newest single, “Anymore”. Also, learn more about the R&B singer by clicking here.

Rudy Currence –  “Anymore”

Press Play Thursday >

Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj – “Bottoms Up”

Hailing from Jamaica is No Phear, a talented artists who mixes reggae and hip hop effortlessly. His music ranks high on the independent scene and from what I have heard he is a killer performer. Check him and his music out at but for now take a look at this video “Zion’s Gate”, a single off his sophomore album, I Stand Alone.

No Phear – “Zion’s Gate”

La Roux – “I’m Not Your Toy”

Gina Loring is a soul singer, rapper, and poet. She is a Def Poetry Jam favorite and it has been said that her voice is reminiscent of Lauryn Hill. You may recognize her from the 2010 BET Awards as she was one of the five female rappers to win COVERGIRL Queen Collection’s America’s Next Top Model. If you have not of Loring yet this is only a small introduction. Learn more at her official website.

Gina Loring – “Simple and Plain”

R.Kelly feat. Ludacris – “Tongues”

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