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Hip Hop Comedy Sketch Show – SUPA TV

Original Hip Hop comedy sketch show, SUPA TV is back! Instead of the averaged 10 minute episodes, SUPA TV now has a full length format….more time and more to laugh about.

With a genius fusion of hip hop and comedy, front man DJ SUPA carries out dangerously funny skits. Most of the skits you will see are birthed from the Violator All Star DJ’s brother, Yaya. Yaya also shoots, directs and edits the episodes. Each episode may feature a comedic appearance from today’s hottest artist or a live performance from a local favorite. Artist such as J. Cole, David Banner, Diggy Simmons, Andre Iguodala, Mysonne and Shyheim have all held guest spots on the show.

To be honest, SUPA TV is full of hilarious surprises so you never know what you’re going to get from SUPA TV. What is known is that you will get a good laugh.  Watch the first episode of season two here, catch up on the last season and stay up to date with the episodes to come on the sketch show’s blog,




Angela Simmons for PeTA – Ad Campaign

Promoting her vegetarian eating habits, reality star and entrepreneur Angela Simmons poses nude for a new PeTA ad campaign. Inspired by her mogul uncle Russell Simmons to go vegan, Simmons says she feels good. “I’m happy with it. I feel lighter — it’s a good feeling,” she said.

The ad campaign, “Eating Meat Is A Sin: Go Vegetarian”, is PeTA’s newest effort. Simmons had this to say about her new role as the face or should I say body of PeTA:

“I wanted to bring attention to a vegan lifestyle and raise awareness for PETA. I feel it’s very important to show compassion for all of God’s creations—and adopting a vegan diet for me is the best way to live a healthier lifestyle and keep innocent animals from suffering.”

Watch a behind-the-scenes video below!



With only 3 days left in the countdown to the release of J. Cole’s debut album, you have the pleasure of previewing it first.After you have listened to preview, add your profile pic to the “exclusive mosaic.” Once the mosaic is complete, a special video from the album will be revealed…FUN! The idea of the interactive mosaic is great. Fans of J. Cole have been anticipated this album for so long and it speaks volumes about him as an artist to get his supporters involved.


McDonald’s Jokes with Lebron in NEW Commercial

In a new McDonald’s commercial for their annual Monopoly game, Lebron James has fun with his so far so off prediction of winning 8 championships after signing with the Miami Heat. The commercial will air on Television on Monday.

Solange Drops New Music via Twitter

This afternoon, Solange gifted us with a new song via Twitter. She mentioned on Twitter that she wrote “Favors” four years ago and the track has nothing to do with her album. “I just felt like sharing today,” she tweeted to her 600,000+ followers. I love it so now I’m sharing. Listen below!


So many our anticipating the release of J COLE‘s debut album, COLE WORLD: The Sideline Story. He has given us hit mixtapes and now he is in preparation for his first album. This week J COLE is dominating the media outlets and as usually we are embracing him. From radio play to magazine features, J COLE is in demand.

J COLE premiered his “Can’t Get Enough” video featuring Trey Songz on MTV. The video was directed by Clifton Bell and filmed in Barbados. Some say the visual is reminiscent of his mentor’s “Big Pimpin'” video. Watch below.

Continuing his efforts to build on our anticipation, J COLE released a track with Jay-Z titled “Mr. Nice Watch”. We have been waiting for a collaboration from the two since the North Carolina native signed with Roc Nation. Now it’s here and people are loving it. Two GOOD rappers on one song and can you go wrong. It’s hard enough to get one good rapper on a song sometimes. Listen below.

J COLE feat. Jay-Z – “Mr. Nice Watch”

Told you J COLE was all over the place this week. A new video, new track off the album and a feature in GQ magazine. COLE will be featured in the October issue of GQ which will be stacked on magazine stands every where September 20th.

COLE WORLD: The Sideline Story hits stores September 27th. With such skill and amazing promo, I’m pretty sure the album won’t be on shelves for long and will need to be restocked a couple of times over.

Street King Launch + Promo

Last month, 50 cent announced is initiative to feed one billion kids. He partnered with Pure Growth Partners, a New York City based company that conceives and markets consumer brands to launch Street Kings, an energy shot. For every shot purchased, one child in need will be supplied a meal. Peep the official commercial below and click here to visit the SK website.

For the launch, the G-Unit CEO promoted his Street King campaign on a tour bus through Times Square in New York City. Consumers and fans are receiving the SK energy shot very well and 50 logged on Twitter to prove hit. “I feel great I sent a check out today to the united nations that will feed 2,500,000 kids. On my way to a BILLION SK,” said 50 in a recent Tweet.

“Make Music Again” – Justin Timberlake PSA

When your fans are pretty much begging you to return to music, I think it is time and possibly long overdue. Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer created a PSA to get Justin Timberlake to return to making music. Timberlake is enjoying the movie scene and has forgotten how to navigate his way to the music studio. I agree with the fans…put down the scripts and go make a song. Watch the seriously entertaining PSA below.

New Video: “Marvin & Chardonnay”

Two things you have to love. The first, a Hype Williams video and the second, a video full of color.

The video for Big Sean’s explosive single, “Marvin & Chardonnay” has finally been released. Kanye West and Roscoe Dash join Big Sean in this Hype Williams directed video. Williams plays with pops of color, shapes and movement. I expected a video full of bedroom scenes and we got video art. Enjoy!

Idris Elba for Smartwater

Actor and DJ Idris Elba  is the new face of Coca-Cola’s water brand, Smartwater. Elba will be joining Jennifer Aniston for the Smartwater ad campaign. You can peep the two black and white print ads very soon as they  will run in the upcoming issues of GQ, Men’s Journal and Essence.

To be honest, I’ve never purchased a Smartwater but I just might have to go pick one up after these ads.

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