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GMPR Exclusive: Jazette K. – The “Upgrade Artist”

Hair has become a staple for women. If it’s not effortlessly blowing in the wind with tamed silky smooth edges and perfect shine somehow the universe just seems off. If you don’t DIY, every woman prays for a stylist that can transform her hair don’t into a hair DO. Jazette K. is a hairstylist that gets it and women are lining up to sit in her salon chair.

With an appointment book that fills up pretty quick, Jazette K. has managed to turn her college apartment salon into a booming brand. Jazette was and still is the “go-to girl” on the campus of Hampton University. Though she still finds time to visit VA and service her college clients, she is beating the pavement in NYC. Learn more about Jazette in this exclusive Girl Meets PR interview.

GMPR: How did get your start?
Jazette K. : College! My undergrad years were the jump-start of my career. I was THE “go-to” girl for everything Hair. Parties, Special Events, Spring Break, you name it! At one point, I was running something like a Full Salon out of my apartment. Even with the local salons near by, it was cool to come to 4C and get your hair done.

While in college, how did you turn your skills into a brand?
Easy, My Team! I have amazing friends that were and still are super supportive. We would actually sit around my apartment and have meetings, kicking ideas around about my brand, my logo, fashion shows and hair shows, all of that. I’ve always been extremely strategic and I’ve been blessed with an ultra talented group of friends that really hold me down.

After graduating, how has your career progressed?
I wouldn’t trade my college years but I am so happy about where I am in my career right now! This past year was totally challenging, yet one thousand percent worth it. I’m back in NY working at Serenity Salon in Midtown, Manhattan and traveling to Hampton, Virginia once a month to service my clients at Textures Salon, make sure to look out for that schedule. I’ve had opportunities to go to a couple of Hair Shows, do a few Photo-Shoots, brush shoulders with celebrity stylist that I respect in the industry, revamp my brand, and grow my clientele all while enjoying life! That’s progression!

Do you specialize in anything?
People call me an “Upgrade Artist”, no matter what you get done, it will be nothing less than amazing, and you’ll feel nothing less than amazing! I put my heart in everything I touch, so everything is special. If I had to narrow it down, I’d say healthy hair for sure, and hair extensions without a doubt.
Why hair styling and what does it mean to you?
I have no idea why and I won’t question God but it means a lot to me, mostly because I know how much it means to my clients. When I have a client in the chair we really bond. I can vibe off them and feel the importance of their hair. The health, the styling, their day-to-day concerns. It means a lot to me to know that I can make it a little easier for you to get ready to take on the world every morning.
You seem to find life in hair! Why do you think hair is so important for a woman?
I believe that Hair is the ultimate accessory. It truly speaks volume to a woman’s character. How a woman chooses to wear her hair directly reflects her character. It’s important to me to be able to extract those qualities so that us Women can look as good on the outside as we feel on the inside.
What do you hope your clients take away when they leave your chair?
Oh man, a lot. Of course I send them home with a load of at home hair care and maintenance tips, a list of products and tools and an ear-full of Do’s and Don’ts but the one thing that I always pray my clients will take away from my chair is a sense of security. I want all of them to always feel they are in good hands and be worry free. Us women have so much on our plates! It’s nice to know I can relieve a little bit of stress.

What motivates you?
What? Nothing. Who…my Mom. Shes ill. Never met a woman like her in my LIFE. My mom has this drive about her that makes my drive look weak, and we know I’m a go getter! She works so hard. I really just want to set her up so she can chill, luxuriously.
What are some of your greatest achievements thus far?
The list can go on. The one that really does it for me…my Bachelors Degree from Hampton University. Mid way through college I knew I wanted to make a career out of being the best Hair Stylist anyone has ever met. It took A LOT for me to continue to go to class, write papers and do homework after I figured that out.

What is your ultimate career goal?
My ultimate career goal…to change lives. God has blessed me with something truly special, I know that he has way more in store for me than Hair. I’ll have to take it how i comes

Your blog was great! What made you want to transition from a blog to a website?
Thanks Melissa! For real, just the growth of my career. I’m maturing as a Hair Stylist and Entrepreneur and with that certain things just phase out. I’ve replaced it with my Facebook Fan page ( and a new Twitter account (@JazetteKHair).

What will the new website feature?
The new site ( is going to be where you go for everything Jazette K. Links to make an appointment with me, some of the tools and products I use, a few tips and tricks, special offers, we all love those, and a couple of surprises so please check it out!
When will the website be launching?
October 3,2011. That’s my mom’s birthday. Hey girl
Are you doing anything special for the launch of
I’m planning an evening with close friends, family and my clients of course. It’s the first big bang to my business. I couldn’t imagine doing anything other than laughing, eating and sharing the moment with people who helped me make it possible.

How is social media and public relations helping you reach your goals?
Social Media is crazy! With the push of a button the world becomes your audience. It’s like a show. I’m just making sure my ratings stay high.
After the website launch, what’s next for Jazette K.?
I’m releasing “Jazette K. Virgin Hair Extensions” and “Jazette K. Premium Virgin Hair Extensions” January 2012. I am really excited about it!

You can find Jazette at:
Serenity Salon

18 W 33rd Street
New York, NY

Textures Salon
555 Settlers Landing
Hampton, VA

Contact Jazette:
Facebook: Jazette K. Hair
Twitter: @JazetteKHair

Girl Meets PR congratulates Jazette on all of her success and wishes her the best with all future endeavors.

Lil Mama – “Scrawberry”

Female rapper Lil Mama has been told for months to get back to her roots and go back to creating music. Back to her roots she went.

Lil Mama releases a video for her new single “Scrawberry” and pays homage to MC Lyte by sampling instrumentals from “I Got It Made.” This single is already being labeled a hit song. I’m on the fence but I’m leaning towards a thumbs up.

Beyonce’s Baby Bump Breaks Twitter Record

During the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce announced her pregnancy. The twitterverse went crazy and set a new record for the popular social network.

@twitterglobalpr   announced an astonishing 8,868 Tweets per second about the baby news. The new record beat out the news of Osama bin Laden’s death. Kind of crazy but not too surprising.

Big congratulations to Beyonce and Jay Z!

New Videos – Rihanna + Beyonce

Rihanna gives us a new video for her new single and one of my favorite songs, “Cheers (Drink to that)” from her latest album, LOUD. The video features moments from her world tour and personal time this summer. Evan Rogers and Ciarra Pardo directed the video.

Queen B also released a visual for one of her favorite songs, “1+1”. She directed the video along with Laurent Briet and Ed Burke.  We can expect more videos from B, as Columbia Records has said that this is the first of many to be released. They plan to visually tell the 4 story.

Lil Wayne – “How To Love” Video

Got to love a video with some substance. Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” video premiered Tuesday night and tells the story of a troubled girl and her alternative.  The video really shows the importance of strong decision-making and the possibilities after breaking the cycle.  The video directed by Chris Robinson. I didn’t expect this from Wayne but I’m pleasantly surprised. Watch below.

Wayne is prepping for his album release. The Carter IV will drop August 29th right after the VMA’s.  I imagine lots of promo during the show…well if he’s smart.

Lauryn Hill Dishes About The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Album

Reebok talks “Classic Albums by Classic Artist.”

Rock the Bells headliner, Lauryn Hill sat down with Reebok just before the tour kicked off to discuss her motivation behind The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Towards the end of the interview she also touches on how she currently feels about her album and  it being labeled a classic.

Ms. Hill hasn’t put out another album in years but yet we still feel entitled to her. I think for some her presence is just as good as her music so this interview was cake…a sweet treat.

Watch below.

Nivea says, “Look like you give a damn.”

Oh, how I love a good dose of campaign drama. The drama is best for picking it apart and learning from the brand’s mistakes.
The net is in rage over a new marketing ad campaign by Nivea, a body care brand. The ad which is featured in national magazines, shows a clean shaven, well dressed young black man who appears to be launching a more unkept version of himself. The head being launched is sporting an afro and the ad copy reads, ‘Look like you give a damn.’

Due to the new natural hair movement, I’m not too sure if this was the right statement for Nivea. The ad campaign has left so many offended. Though I love my relaxer, I understand the unhappiness expressed by some consumers. This ad puts down what black women and men have learned to proudly embrace. There is nothing wrong with rocking an afro but Nivea might lead you to think otherwise. Shaking my head. Why can’t these brands ever get it right. There is always a fine line, they just need to learn how not to cross it.

What’s your take. Are the unhappy consumers making a big deal or are they rightfully upset?

Idris Elba, “Sexy Doesn’t Apply to Black Men”

In a recent interview, actor Idris Elba spoke on why “Sexy doesn’t apply to black men.” When I first heard this, I immediately had to disagree but after hearing his reasoning behind the statement I can side with him on the subject.

Black men, we’re never called sexy. We’re called athletic, intense, we’re described as being the strong type, the silent type. But we’re never really described as being sexy … in general the word “sexy” doesn’t apply to black men, particularly … The word has been thrown at me a few times, so if I have to say I own it, fine.”

…and fine you are!

Peep the footage below…

Swizz Beatz, VP of Design for Lotus

Popular brands are no strangers to hiring iconic stars to boost their brands and Lotus is no different. Announced on Monday, Lotus appointed Swizz Beatz (Kasseem Daoud Dean) as their high-profile consultant, spokesman and ice president of Creative Design and Global Marketing.

“Like Group Lotus, he means business: He’s a risk taker with considerable credentials, including music producer, rapper, designer and painter,” said Lotus in a statement announcing the appointment. “(He’s) the perfect man to add to the Lotus lineup.”

Lotus has taken a back seat to some glorified luxury car brands recently and is in some need of some major hype which Swizz Beatz is known for. Swizz Beatz just might be able to get his peers to give up their Maseratis, Bentleys and Maybachs. We shall see but for now watch his first day below.

Online Mag Launch: MADE WOMAN MAG

Though some try, young professional women are underrepresented in the online magazine market. It may take up to five combinations of online magazines to achieve what we wish one could.  Founders Lindsey Day and Serena Watson have managed to fulfill that wish.

Made Woman Mag, launched on August 15th, is a “new online magazine and networking platform for today’s professional woman.”  MW Mag features articles about Style, Love + Dating, Business, Current News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Health. One can get lost in makeup tips, skin care, money-making hints and a guide to cooking for your man but with MW Mag it’s a pleasure and not an aggravation. With just a few clicks, all a woman wants can be found at MW mag. It’s contents are strong yet sassy. After all, isn’t that the essence of woman!

Visit Made Woman Mag online now at Follow the Mag on Twitter @MadeWomanMag

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