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Wendy Williams Campaigns to ‘Save The Twinkies’

Earlier this month, Hostess filed for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy filing could mean that we may have to say good-bye to the cream-filled sponge cake forever. While some are preparing for the beloved Twinkie‘s departure by stocking up, Wendy Williams has decided to save America’s favorite treat with the sweetest campaign ever.

In a humorous video, Wendy rallies her viewers to join her Facebook campaign to save the Twinkie. Although, I may have stayed away from the ever so delicious snack since graduating from college, I have to admit that Wendy just may be my hero. Yes, it’s true. Twinkies are a diet’s worst nightmare but walking into a store and not seeing the golden sponge cake on the shelf is just sad. Thanks Wendy for leading this campaign!

Branding: Kate Spade Holiday 2011 Campaign

In a video for their holiday 2011 campaign, fashion brand Kate Spade is continuing with their Year of Color through the holidays and encouraging you to “Give Colorfully“. Love it!

Kelly Rowland for UK’s “Make Mine Milk”

While Kelly Rowland is in the UK working as a judge for UK’s X Factor, she is soaking up all of press opportunities coming her way. Adding to her list of campaign endorsements, Rowland is the new face of UK’s version of the US “Got Milk?” Campaign, “Make Mine Milk”.

She speaks on the effect milk has on her body:
“I really believe that looking after your body makes you feel good on the inside and happy on the outside. When I’m feeling fit, I also feel confident and comfortable in my own skin. I like to eat healthily and milk is an important part of that; I have muesli with semi-skimmed milk when I wake up in the morning and now that I am spending this winter in London, I love to pick up a latte on my way home from the studio when it’s cold outside!”

Behind the Scenes photos below:

Fashion Against Aids Campaign: Keri Hilson & Akon

Singers, Keri Hilson & Akon join a full list of celebrities in a Fashion Against Aids Campaign. Accompanying the campaign is a unisex line which will hit H&M racks nationwide on April 28th. The highly anticipated unisex line will include jumpsuits, hoodies, t-shirts and much more. Finally, your boyfriend won’t second guess wearing your clothes and boys, your girlfriend will be begging to throw on your tee.

25% of all sales will be automatically donated to the Designers Against Aids charity.

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