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Alicia Keys + Reebok Releases New Classics Commercial (BTS Included)

No surprise…A. Keys teamed up with Reebok for a new sneaker line. Photos of the line hit the net earlier this week along with her brand new single “Girl On Fire”. Keys is full of debuts this week because the commercial for her sneaker was just released.

The commercial was directed by Samuel Bayer and styled by June Ambrose and features Keys’ Freestyle Hi, Freestyle Double Bubble, Classic Nylon Slim and Princess designs. Watch the commercial and BTS footage below.

Allen Iverson Relaunches Reebok Sneaker

allen iverson Watch This: Philly Fans Show Allen Iverson Love Before Game 6After receiving  a standing ovation while delivering the game ball from the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center, former Sixer Allen Iverson maybe ready after all to relaunch his original Reebok Question sneaker. For the first time since 1996, the sneaker will be in stores today, May 25th.

In related news, Iverson spoke with Sports Illustrated to talk about the status of his career.

“I’m not using that word retirement. I want to play basketball so bad,” he continued. He continued, “I mean, the way it is right now, I’ve accepted the fact that playing in the NBA might not happen,” he added. “But I still want to play basketball. If I can get an opportunity to where it’s going to make me happy at the end of my career, I’ll take that opportunity. But I just love to play and I want to have another opportunity to play on the professional level.”

His career may questionable but maybe good sneakers sales could revive his image and get him back on the court. Just a thought!

Rick Ross’ Reebok Campaign Commercial

Since wanting to spark some interest in their brand and become a staple in hip hop fashion again, Reebok has aligned its self with the self-proclaimed “Boss” Rick Ross.

Ross welcomes us to his city and takes us all the way to his MMG home while wearing the Reebok Classic Sneaker in his new commercial for the brand’s “It Takes A Lot to Make A Classic” Campaign. Watch below.

Ross also sat down with Reebok for a short promo interview.

Lauryn Hill Dishes About The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Album

Reebok talks “Classic Albums by Classic Artist.”

Rock the Bells headliner, Lauryn Hill sat down with Reebok just before the tour kicked off to discuss her motivation behind The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Towards the end of the interview she also touches on how she currently feels about her album and  it being labeled a classic.

Ms. Hill hasn’t put out another album in years but yet we still feel entitled to her. I think for some her presence is just as good as her music so this interview was cake…a sweet treat.

Watch below.

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