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K. Michelle Lands Record Deal

After leaving the music scene for a while and her struggles unfolding on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, K. Michelle now has a new record deal. After gaining attention on the reality show, fans got a better understanding of the singer. Though some may have agreed with her cast-mate Rasheeda and deemed K. Michelle crazy, many fell in love with her raw and honest lyrics first heard on the show.

Like many reality television stars, K. Michelle used the show as a platform for her art and has been riding the wave ever since. Since the show aired, K. Michelle has put out a mixtape and done hundreds of shows and appearances. Hard work pays off!

K. Michelle signed a major record deal with Warner Bros. Records and shared her excitement with Singersroom. “I’m just really blessed to get a second chance. I have so much to sing about and so many stories to tell.  I may not be the most polished or prissy R&B singer, but I do feel that I am the voice of a lot of women who don’t have a voice.”

Major congratulations to K. Michelle!

Rachel Crow Signs 2 Deals

Our hearts broke as X Factor hopeful and little miss sunshine Rachel Crow was booted from the show. When she dropped to her knees and started crying, I cried (don’t act like you didn’t at least shed a tear either).  Though we were sadden to see her go, I think we were all pretty confident that it was more like a “see you later” and not a goodbye.

In a recent announcement, we learned that Crow signed 2 deals! The 14-year-old signed deals with Sony’s Columbia Records through Simon Cowell’s imprint Syco and Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is in talks of developing a comedy series for Crow and it has been suggested that she will also be working on her debut album under the direction of her mentor Simon Cowell.

“I am incredibly happy for Rachel. This girl has it,” Cowell said in a statement. “We saw her potential at the first audition and Nickelodeon and Columbia are the right homes for her.” [SOURCE]

Before Crow’s two major projects, you can catch her on a recurring role on the network’s hit “Fred: The Show.” I love this little girl and I am so happy for her! I remember during her audition all she wanted was her own bathroom. I’m sure she will be moving her family into a nice big house with about 5 bathrooms now.

Mixtape Dopeness: Single On A Saturday Night – Jade Alston

I’m loving this mixtape from Impact Records recording artist and Philadelphia native Jade Alston. Alston’s Single On A Saturday Night is super easy to relate to.  Each song chronicles the story and feelings of a newly single woman. As a body of work it is so smooth and truly shows Alston’s talent as an emerging artist. Although she has been compared to the likes of soulful singers Toni Braxton and Anita Baker, her sound is youthful, sexy and fun.

Learn more about Jade Alston in the video below. Then listen to the entire mixtape and download it

Listen to Single On A Saturday Night HERE


Imagine Whitney Houston, Bilal and Luther Vandross on one song. Sounds amazing, right? Well, Steve Lovell comes pretty close.

Singer/ Songwriter Steve Lovell studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston. In between classes, his music career took off and he shows no signs of slowing down. Lovell has opened for Dr. Maya Angelou, Savion Glover and Chrisette Michele. He also sung background for Jennifer Holiday and shared the stage with Gospel singers Donnie McClurklin, Kirk Franklin, Vickie Winans and Byron Cage at the McDonald’s Gospel Fest.

Whatever stage he graces, his shows are definitely worth attending. His stage presence is unmatched and the vocals complete the package. I had the pleasure of attending one of his performances and by the end of the night I was up dancing, heels and all. I am usually the girl sitting on the bar stool with my legs crossed to showcase my shoes but rarely get up to dance because I can’t bare the pain the shoes cause my feet after about four songs. So the fact that Lovell’s performance had me dancing says ALOT.

I think what makes an artist an Artist to Watch is the refreshing energy they bring to the music scene. Steve Lovell is no different. His voice is powerful yet beautifully intimate. Lovell is SUPER talented  and original. I encourage you to follow his career! Peep one of his videos below.

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Artist To Watch: @IggyAzalea

As of September of last year, the internet world has already deemed Iggy Azalea an Artist To Watch. Ever since, Azalea has managed to command attention and in doing so, created a pretty big following of #Azaleans.

If you frequent GMPR, you already know how much I love a good female rapper. In an industry that is male dominated, I think a female rapper either established or on the come up is a huge statement for women in general. Although most women wouldn’t want to be defined by some of their lyrics, you can’t help but feel a sense of empowerment when a track from a female rapper comes on the radio, in the club or on the net. With all that being said and my anger towards Remy’s continued stint in jail, I am super happy to see another female gracing the rap scene.

21-year-old Austrian native and LA based rapper, Iggy Azalea is stylish and lyrically bold. Azalea’s latest mixtape, Ignorant Art  and accompany visuals are a little all over the place but it’s provocative and fun and I appreciate that. Influenced by Tupac Shakur, her raw and hardcore tracks have led industry mavens to believe she is the next big thing in Hip Hop. She definitely has my attention and I’m interested to see how she will stand out in a land of Nicki Minaj.

Despite constant racial comments and  numerous comparisons, Azalea is steady making moves. It is not official but word is she is on the brink of a deal with Def Jam. Also, she admits to being linked to rapper A$AP Rocky. In an interview with VIBE she admitted that an attempted collaboration turned into something more substantial.

Seems like Iggy Azalea is on her way to having it all. If you aren’t familiar get acquainted with her work below.



Known as one of Chicago’s Top R&B Artist, Tia London  not only sings but raps and writes music as well. She has been compared to Estelle & Drake in a perfect combination of two. Although London is new to me, you may remember her on Twista’s The Perfect Storm album. With her ever-growing fan base and direction from The Legendary Traxster, I’m sure her tracks will soon be getting spins all over.

On November 28th, London released her biggest project yet. Love Junkie, London’s EP is her sincerest expression of love. The tone of Love Junkie can be appreciated by both males and females which I love about music.  Her voice is so mellow yet so powerful. London has a quiet confidence which is missing from most female artist.

Tia London is said to be the “next big thing” which makes her a definite artist to watch. Listen to Love Junkie below.

Want a visual from Tia London? Peep her official video for “Nothing On You” below.



X Factor USA: Future Artists To Watch

I have been keeping up with X Factor USA from the very beginning but after last nights performances from these four contestants I am convinced that they are all artists to look out for in the future. If Astro, Melanie Amaro, Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty don’t win X Factor or don’t get signed after the competition, there is something seriously wrong with music industry. Yup, I said it! I love them all in the competition but I am looking forward to hearing original music from them in the future. Mark my words…they are ARTIST TO WATCH. Watch their performances from the 3rd live show below and tell me what you think!

Marcus Canty

Melanie Amaro


Rachel Crow

TeamBackpack Movement + Female Cyphers

Today I came across TeamBackpack is a music website that follows the TeamBackpack movement (TBP).  The hip-hop/lifestyle movement started in San Fransisco/ Bay Area, CA as as an online forum for music collaboration in 2010 but today is a powerhouse platform for up and coming artist from all over California.

If your familiar with GMPR, you know that I admire anything exposing indie artist. With regards to the TeamBackpack Movement, I took a special interest to their all female cyphers. I am a sucker for a GOOD female rapper. Wish rapping was a skill of mine but it’s not…sadly. Check out these 2 female cypher competitions.


Music Submission: Juliyaa – “The Rhythm”

Newcomer, Juliyaa has released her debut single “The Rhythm”. This fun up-tempo track truly displays who Juliyaa is as an artist and the singer/songwriter has her roots to thank for that.

The 23-year-old from North London grew up listening to her mother’s traditional Ghanaian gospel and hi life and her father’s classic vinyl collection of  soul and reggae artist. Her sound today is an effortless fusion of African polyrhythms, harmonious soul vocals and high energy UK urban music.

Currently, UK artists are making it big in the States. Juliyaa is no different. her retro-sultry vibe is young and refreshing and  I expect to hear more from her. Watch her video for “The Rhythm” below.

“The Rhythm” is available for download on iTunes. To hear other songs and learn more about Juliyaa visit her website.

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