Artist To Watch: @IggyAzalea

As of September of last year, the internet world has already deemed Iggy Azalea an Artist To Watch. Ever since, Azalea has managed to command attention and in doing so, created a pretty big following of #Azaleans.

If you frequent GMPR, you already know how much I love a good female rapper. In an industry that is male dominated, I think a female rapper either established or on the come up is a huge statement for women in general. Although most women wouldn’t want to be defined by some of their lyrics, you can’t help but feel a sense of empowerment when a track from a female rapper comes on the radio, in the club or on the net. With all that being said and my anger towards Remy’s continued stint in jail, I am super happy to see another female gracing the rap scene.

21-year-old Austrian native and LA based rapper, Iggy Azalea is stylish and lyrically bold. Azalea’s latest mixtape, Ignorant Art  and accompany visuals are a little all over the place but it’s provocative and fun and I appreciate that. Influenced by Tupac Shakur, her raw and hardcore tracks have led industry mavens to believe she is the next big thing in Hip Hop. She definitely has my attention and I’m interested to see how she will stand out in a land of Nicki Minaj.

Despite constant racial comments and  numerous comparisons, Azalea is steady making moves. It is not official but word is she is on the brink of a deal with Def Jam. Also, she admits to being linked to rapper A$AP Rocky. In an interview with VIBE she admitted that an attempted collaboration turned into something more substantial.

Seems like Iggy Azalea is on her way to having it all. If you aren’t familiar get acquainted with her work below.



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