Mixed Chicks Hair Care

Oh the curls! How do you define or tame your curly locks? Girl Meets PR has the answer.  2 words; MIXED CHICKS. MIXED CHICKS is a premier hair care brand  created with those of mixed ethnicity in mind. Creators, Wendi Levy and Kim Etheredge are both bi-racial women who grew tired of the struggle to accomplish their ideal look. Both women would search beauty aisles in search of one product dedicated to their curls but instead found multiple products in their shopping carts. I am sure this issue is all to familiar for some women.

Owners from left to right: Wendi Levy & Kim Etheredge

Have you ever mixed multiple hair care products and the end result is really dry or really oily hair? Well, for you bi-racial guys and dolls and even those just looking for a product without harsh chemicals you no longer have to worry about mixing two or three products to achieve a healthy head of hair. MIXED CHICKS has created one product line  that will soften, strengthen, detangle, add body and shine to coarse, curly, or straight hair.

Their most popular product, MIXED CHICKS Deep Conditioner is said to keep your hair looking great through each season. The deep penetrating  conditioner will nourish your scalp, tame your curls, put an end to frizz, and eliminate fly-a-ways. This product comes highly recommended and I have some to give away exclusively for Girl Meets PR readers. All you have to do is email me at girlmeetspr@live.com with your name and address and it is yours! Sorry, the three winners have been chosen. The giveaway is complete.

See MIXED CHICKS in action below! Head to www.mixedchicks.net for more info.

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  1. Melissa Guerrier

    I was trying to send you the address for the mixed chicks giveaway but the email address that you posted doesnt seem to be working

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