Trey Songz Weighs In On Cyber Bullying in VMAN

In her very first Interview, super-model Selita Ebanks sits down with singer Trey Songz for VMAN. In the Trey dished about his upcoming album, touring, his foundation and bullying. Peep his thoughts on cyber-bullying below.

SE There has been a lot of cyber bullying and a lot of hate toward young people, through the Internet, texting, and things of that nature. What message would you send to young people as far as bullying goes?

TS Bullying is childish, and a lot of kids get stuck in situations where obviously something is wrong at home, so it’s kind of a release for them. It’s a comfort blanket and it’s affecting so many people as well as themselves. It’s important to speak not only to the people being bullied but to the bullies as well. To the people out there who are being bullied, just stay strong. There’s only one you. I tell this to people all the time, to kids, to grown men, grown women: there’s only one you, and to think that being you is not enough is to say that God didn’t do his job, because He only made one you, and that alone should show you that you’re special. [SOURCE]

Read the entire interview and see exclusive VMAN pics of Trey Songz at


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