Retire Ronald McDonald…are you kidding?

For years the beloved Ronald has been almost every child’s fast food favorite buddy and the face of McDonald’s. According to Ashley M. Heher in a article titled, Crowd boos calls for McDonald’s to retire Ronald, critics are ready to say goodbye to the happy face clown. Others including myself and McDonald’s CEO, Jim Skinner say NO WAY! Critics feel Ronald promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. Skinner stuck by his golden arches mascot saying “no” to a room full of shareholders who gathered for a meeting at the company’s headquarters in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, Ill. Shareholders applauded and booed the critics.

“He is a force for good,” Skinner said, adding that the nearly 50-year-old clown is an ambassador for the McDonald’s brand and its Ronald McDonald House Charities. “He communicates effectively with children and families around balanced, active lifestyles. He does not hawk food.” — Crowd boos calls for McDonald’s to retire Ronald by Ashley M. Heher

I completely agree with Jim Skinner. What good is the McDonald’s brand without Ronald? Boston organization, Corporate Accountability International, seems to think there is a bright future for McDonald’s with Ronald. Representatives are going full force with a “Retire Ronald” Campaign by getting 10,000 supporters, but  McDonald’s shareholders are trying to shut that movement down.

Side Note– If you haven’t noticed yet, McDonald’s locations are adapting a new cafe style look. With all the new changes, Im not surprised critics are trying to completely erase Ronald. You can find pictures of different cafe style McDonald’s below.


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