New Book ‘Platinum’ Out Today

Today is finally the day! Journalist, author, and Faith Evan’s memoir ghost writer  Aliya King’s ‘Platinum’ hits book shelves today, July 6, 2010. The book being tagged as a scandalous read is a fictional story about the real lives of hip hop wives and girlfriends. According to an interview King did with Clutch Mag Online the book has four characters who are a combination of of real people and the events of their lives. King told Clutch, “That’s kind of the fun for everyone, guessing who is who and who is not, and what’s true, and what’s not.”

In 2006, Aliya King was asked to write an article for VIBE about the secret lives about rapper’s wives and was apparently inspired by it. Some might predict some legal troubles for King in the future. I mean come one…one of the rapper’s in the story is doing shows with Jay Z, but King told VIBE that her book is like an episode of Law and Order. The Work is fiction but based on real things so she isn’t worried in the slightest about being sued.

Some people try to pretend they don’t like a juicy book. Well, I do! I am so excited to read this book and if your looking for something fun to read I encourage you to pick it up too.


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