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Product Review: Yum Yum Candle

Yum Yum Candle, LLC is a small candle company. Owners, Chelsea, Kenitra, and Kelly produce the most amazingly-scented products and its all completely eco-friendly. The women of Yum Yum Candle were kind enough to send me some products and after experiencing them I WILL NOT be making any more trips to Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle. I have been burning Lavender Vanilla in my dining room, Orange Pome – Tini in my bedroom, Mango Colada in the bathroom, and spraying Ambrosia in my car. My sense of smell has never been more fulfilled!

The candles are made with soy wax. There are many benefits to burning soy wax candles which include the absence of carcinogenic compounds which can be toxic to the air. Also, soy wax is biodegradable and sustainable. I had company over and the response from my guest when she walked in was literally “Yum”. The candles smell so good and I love how the wax turns into oil that you can actually massage into your skin. Also, when the candles are burning the air smells so clean and after I blew the candle out the scent was still very apparent in the room.

* 3 photos by Jabari Adams

Yum Yum candles make great gifts for when you want to get yourself something special orĀ  for your family and friends. The company is available to host parties in the northern NJ/NY area which is perfect for a girls night out event and yes, they do favors!

Candles aren’t the only product Yum Yum offers. The LLC also offers room & linen spray, reed diffusers, gift sets, body massage candles, and is currently working hard to bring you Yum E’scentialsĀ  Body Care. I would like to see them create oils and oil burners next.

For more information and to order your Yum Yum products head to their official website and then stay connected through Twitter and Facebook.

P.S. GMPR fully supports working for yourself and being your own boss. These three women are truly an inspiration. Please follow my lead and support the entrepreneurial movement. You can start by supporting Yum Yum Candles, LLC. Tell a friend and I bet your friend will tell a friend.

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