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Marcel Henson Models For SquareBear Clothing


In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, actress Taraji P. Henson told the late night talk show host that she was making her  18-year-old son Marcel Henson sit out of college his first semester so he could learn the value of finding a job in the real world. Marcel is quickly showing his mom that regardless of his privileged life, he can hustle up a job.

Marcel Henson landed a campaign deal with California-based clothing line SquareBear. His actress mommy was super proud and tweeted to her followers:

Be different! Get SQUARED UP!!! @mysquarebear I love everything about this brand….especially the model!



HOT New Peta Ads

NFL running back, Willis McGahee scores big by joining PETA’s “Ink, Not Mink” Campaign. McGahee shows off his skin in this PSA (public service announcement) to raise awareness about the cruelty of killing animals for their fur.  “Because animals who are killed for their fur endure tremendous pain and suffering, McGahee chooses “Ink, Not Mink” and encourages his fans to do the same,” said in a PETA article titled, Willis McGahee Chooses ‘Ink, Not Mink’.

McGahee isn’t the only one heating up PETA ads. Actress, Taraji P. Henson, also joined the cause.

Yet another celebrity rather go naked than wear fur and these ads are so spicy, I am sure everybody is begging PETA to keep them coming. Henson drops her clothes for PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. Henson revealed she used to rock a fur with giving it a second thought until she saw a documentary that uncovered the process of killing and skinning animals on what is called, fur farms.

“Education is key,” stresses Henson. “When I realized what went into—not just, we’re not just even talking about a full-length fur coat, I’m talking about just, like, fur on your gloves or on your jacket … it ripped my heart out. And as humans, we have control.” Henson continues,I don’t think a living being should suffer for the sake of fashion, period. End of story.

I have always admired the PETA ad campaigns. The concepts behind the ads are simple but that is the beauty of the campaigns. There is a great sense of protest in the ads. I am looking forward to new catchy PETA campaigns.

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