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Allen Iverson Relaunches Reebok Sneaker

allen iverson Watch This: Philly Fans Show Allen Iverson Love Before Game 6After receiving  a standing ovation while delivering the game ball from the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center, former Sixer Allen Iverson maybe ready after all to relaunch his original Reebok Question sneaker. For the first time since 1996, the sneaker will be in stores today, May 25th.

In related news, Iverson spoke with Sports Illustrated to talk about the status of his career.

“I’m not using that word retirement. I want to play basketball so bad,” he continued. He continued, “I mean, the way it is right now, I’ve accepted the fact that playing in the NBA might not happen,” he added. “But I still want to play basketball. If I can get an opportunity to where it’s going to make me happy at the end of my career, I’ll take that opportunity. But I just love to play and I want to have another opportunity to play on the professional level.”

His career may questionable but maybe good sneakers sales could revive his image and get him back on the court. Just a thought!

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