Essie Opens Flagship Salon

Before this week, mega nail polish brand Essie could be found at over 100,000 salons across the country or at your local drug store. Now, Essie’s iconic shades have some where they can call home.

Essie now has a flagship salon and it seems like a dream come true for founder Essie Weingarten. “It’s really an out-of-bottle experience,” says Weingarten, who founded the brand in 1981. “For years, it was ‘I hope I can get my polishes into this nail bar or that salon,’ and they would call and place an order. Now when I drive down Sixty-fifth Street and see my name on the awning, I can’t believe it.” [SOURCE]

At this super clean and modern girl’s haven, a manicure will start at $32 and a pedicure at $65. The Essie Flagship Salon at Samuel Shriqui is located at 35 East Sixty-fifth Street in New York City. Although I expected a NYC location, it will be nice to see locations pop up all around the country. In the meantime, let me know how your NY Essie experience is after your first visit!

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