Nene Leakes Releases “Rich” T-Shirts

Season four of Atlanta Housewives just started and the outspoken Nene Leakes pulled a Evelyn Lozada. Leakes has found away to spin her heated argument with cast mate Sheree Whitfield into a check.

On the opening episode of season four, you may remember Leakes proclaiming that she was “very rich” while in a verbal match with Whitfield. Guess she thought the statement popped and decided to bedazzled it and throw it on a t-shirt. The reality star recently tweeted a picture of a blinged-out “I’m Very Rich B*tch” t-shirt that she’s pushing for $150.00. As I always say…can’t knock the hustle.

Though we all know she was referring to her bank account, Miss Nene Leakes tried to clean it up during a recent visit on Bravos’ Watch What Happens Live. “Only ignorant people would go immediately to money,” Leakes said and told host Andy Cohen she was “rich” in health and spirit. That’s how I’m feeling these days so I’m not mad at her.

Watch her with Andy Cohen below:

Do you think these t-shirts will sell?


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