Nivea says, “Look like you give a damn.”

Oh, how I love a good dose of campaign drama. The drama is best for picking it apart and learning from the brand’s mistakes.
The net is in rage over a new marketing ad campaign by Nivea, a body care brand. The ad which is featured in national magazines, shows a clean shaven, well dressed young black man who appears to be launching a more unkept version of himself. The head being launched is sporting an afro and the ad copy reads, ‘Look like you give a damn.’

Due to the new natural hair movement, I’m not too sure if this was the right statement for Nivea. The ad campaign has left so many offended. Though I love my relaxer, I understand the unhappiness expressed by some consumers. This ad puts down what black women and men have learned to proudly embrace. There is nothing wrong with rocking an afro but Nivea might lead you to think otherwise. Shaking my head. Why can’t these brands ever get it right. There is always a fine line, they just need to learn how not to cross it.

What’s your take. Are the unhappy consumers making a big deal or are they rightfully upset?


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