4 Year Old Misquoted – Bad Journalism or Racism?

Please watch the ENTIRE video!

CBS TV Station, WBBM in Chicago is under the hot lights for airing a very misleading video of a 4-year-old boy being interviewed at the crime scene. The 4-year-old explains how he wants a gun but due to bad judgement and poor editing, you may be lead to think that is all he said in the interview. The young boy reveals immediately after his desire to have a gun that he wants to be a cop. His career goal was never aired.

This editing whoa, is Journalism 101. You CANNOT edit an interview to portray the subject in a certain way. You must stay true to the interview and exactly what was said. It really upsets me that this young boy’s voice was taken advantage of. Somebody at WBBM needs to be fired or seriously fined.


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