VIBE June/July “SEXY” Issue

Magazine theme issues are genius. They not only give the reader something to look forward to but offers a variety of material on one topic. VIBE Magazine rolls out its SEXY Issue.

Model and glorified girlfriend, Amber Rose covers VIBE’s SEXY issue with rap star Rick Ross on a second cover. Rose is a given. VIBE would have been stupid not to put her on the cover. Although Ross is at the top of my list and is no stranger to a VIBE cover, many are surprised to see the Boss gracing the front of the SEXY issue. Personally, I love that VIBE steered away from typical.

Both artist open up and share things you wouldn’t normally find out in a regular promotional  interview. Rose discusses Kanye West and their break-up, rebounding with Reggie Bush, becoming an icon and more. The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee sat down with Ross to find out what type of woman he likes.

Catch the June/July issue of VIBE for more from Amber Rose and Rick Ross.


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  1. girl u KNOW I love me some rick ross!

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