First Woman to Represent Jordan

A brand represented by an elite list of male athletes has recently signed on a female. Basketball superstar, Maya Moore signed a historic endorsement deal with Nike’s Jordan brand, making her the first female on the roster. She joins Derek Jeter, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Andre Johnson.

Michael Jordan, the name behind the brand said:

“I am thrilled to welcome Maya Moore into the Jordan Brand. Not only has Maya proven to be a prolific winner on the court, but her hunger and determination to make an impact off the court makes her a valuable addition to the Jordan family. We look forward to working with Maya as she carries her success to the next level.”

Moore was this year’s WNBA number one draft pick. She will be starting next season as a Minnesota Lynx.  Recognized for leading her UConn team to a 90-game winning streak with 2 championship titles, she is considered one of the top women’s basketball players.

She too is excited to represent the brand. On her endorsement deal, she said:

“As a student of the game, it is a dream come true to align myself with a brand that has a rich history in sports. Like most kids, I grew up idolizing Michael Jordan and continue to work relentlessly to reach his iconic status on the court. I’m truly motivated to take my career to the next level as a member of Team Jordan.”


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