Press Play: Mara Hruby

Fast-rising and star are two words that are being used heavily to describe 22-year-old artist, Mara Hruby. Oakland, CA native has been working hard to make a name for herself in the music industry since early 2010. Her hard work paid off and she is now releasing her debut EP, “From Her Eyes”. Mara has been working on this album for 9 months which was obviously time well spent because she has a major buzz currently surrounding her.

“From Her Eyes” is an EP of cover songs originally recorded by male artists with each song representing a moment in her life. She covers male artist Mos Def, Andre 3000, D’Angelo, Bob Marley and others.

Mara’s video for her first single off the EP, “Is This Love?”, recently surfaced the net. “Is This Love?” is a cover of the original Bob Marley song. The video was shot by Slick Jackson in NYC. All too often in videos we see the money, cars, diamonds and girls but this video feels real and there is nothing more real than the streets of NY and a beautiful voice. Check out “Is This Love?” below and right below that, press play to hear more from Mara Hruby.

More from Mara Hruby…

“The Panties”

“Lose Myself”



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