Award for Best Camp. Face goes to…

Weight Watchers is really taking advantage of singer Jennifer Hudson’s bold voice and new body and it is apparent in the full commercial ad above. Smart move. I would too. Hudson really shines as the face of a campaign. She is inspiring which the key ingredient to a campaign and sometimes inspiration is what gets you off the couch and into the gym.

Weight Watcher’s new Points Plus system is getting mixed reviews. Devoted members are frustrated with the new point system while others are excited about achieving results. In a NY Daily poll, 83% of people expressed their interest in trying the new program only if they could “look as good as Jennifer Hudson.” Proving my point that J Hudson was the best for the job. Who was it that said a Plus Size women can’t come out on top.

I especially admire this campaign because the results of the weight loss don’t highlight a cosmetic satisfaction but instead positive energy, self love, and a beautiful confidence. There is true partnership between Hudson and Weight Watchers. I commend both parties for strengthening their brands.

Check below for campaign photographs.


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