How To Step Back Into The Spotlight

If  your a celebrity who once topped the charts and sold out shows but is now struggling to reclaim the spotlight, just follow in the footsteps of female rappers, Lil Kim and Foxy Brown…or NOT.

Both rappers haven’t been very relevant in the past couple of years but seem to have this bright idea that will assist them in snatching up the spotlight. What’s the bright idea you ask. It’s simple…Make a come up by putting someone else down.

After being laughed at numerous times in the media, Foxy Brown is just about ready to release a brand new track. In a recent press release, Foxy announces her new track as a diss to Lil Kim. The press release reads, “the most anticipated response since Jay-Z’s Takeover.” Foxy’s Christmas Massacre to be released on Dec. 24, will address her issues with Lil Kim.

I wonder if Lil Kim even cares about Foxy’s upcoming lyrical attack because she is way too busy these days bashing Nicki Minaj. As you all know, Kim released a Nicki Minaj diss track titled, Black Friday. She received a lot of buzz from the track. Although I am not surprised by the buzz surrounding the diss track, I am however surprised that she thought it was okay to make a video for it. Who does that? Kim is really trying to capitalize on her 10 minuets of buzz.

Making a come-up by putting someone else down is the oldest trick in the book but at the end of the day it doesn’t say much for you or what you can produce. Why not get in the booth and record on your own accord. Beef is only fresh for but so long, so when people move on how will you? Although I think it is lame, I hope the diss track technique is only the beginning for these ladies because I would love to hear more from them.


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