Did She Really Just Say…

“The Way You Love Me” – Keri Hilson feat. Rick Ross

Did she really say just say f*** me? Yes she did, and Miss Keri is not apologizing for it. Keri Hilson’s highly controversial song and video for “The Way You Love Me” is being talked about all over the net and on radio. The controversy has sent her on a spree to defend her work. In her latest interview with blogger, Perez Hilton, Keri completely opens up about why she wrote the song and her choice of words.

“Perez, I don’t want to be held and caressed every night. Sometimes, I do want to be f*cked. You want it good sometimes. I’m talking about one man in the relationship, not being a slut or a whore or being paid to do things. It is racy but I can’t allow other people or the media to dictate what I can or can not do. TLC didn’t do that, Josephine Baker didn’t do that, Janet didn’t do that, Madonna didn’t do that. We can’t approach art from a fear perspective. You have to be fearless and stand for what you believe in. I’m a freak, it’s no surprise. I’ve been a freak in other songs. I’ve been a freak in other videos and we should make no apologies, ” said Keri Hilson.
More from the Interview with Perez…

PH-Did you set out to do that song with the purpose of un-wanting to be controversial?

KH-Absoutely not, everything that I wrote about is from that perspective… how we really think and feel about certain things and breaking point we really know that we deserve more. I write from a perspective of just knowing just not talking bullsh*t. [Like] “Pretty Girl Rock”, no matter what anybody says your beautiful.

PH-Would you change anything differently about the video?

KH-Absolutely not. The dirty version was recorded…I didn’t expect to put the dirty version [on the album]. If you look closely I’m singing the cleaner version, which is actually on my album. “The Way You Love Me” I say “thug me” has the same sentiment, I’m not cleaning that up. Being thugged & being F**ked are very much the same thing. I know kids might pick up the album and I didn’t want that to come out, however, I wouldn’t take it back.

PH – Why was the dirty version of the video released if that’s not on the album?

KH- Actually, I had nothing to do with the dirty version being synced to the video because like I said, if you look closely I’m singing “thug” and I’m singing “loving” instead of “pu**y.” Like I said the sentiment is the same. I’m okay with it because I sang it and that’s the sentiment and this is meant for adults. If I were to do a video for kids, we would put back the clean version but like I said this song is not meant for children.

I can appreciate the fact that she is not apologizing for what she put out. If you don’t believe  in what you produce than who will?  Honestly, I think all the attention surrounding her new single is great. I think it is going to make people want to hear more which will boost her record sales. It goes back to the saying, “Any press is good press.” In a Beyonce and Rhianna world sometimes you have to do something out of the box to stay on the radar.


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