The “It Gets Better” Project

I have always been an advocate for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered) community. I fully believe that no one should feel ashamed of being who they truly are. If you are gay, straight, black, white, fat, skinny, silly, or a total cheese-ball it is okay to be exactly who you are. I feel for teens who feel because they can’t be who they are and live the life they want to live the only way out is suicide.

Dan Savage, the creator of the “It Gets Better” Project and openly gay man, was truly affected by the recent deaths of LGBT teens and young adults who have taken their own lives. Though gay teens have been struggling and taking their own lives for years, the mainstream media is now reporting on this issue due to the recent death of Rutgers University student, Tyler Clementi. Clementi jumped from the George Washington Bridge after realizing his roommate secretly tapped and posted a video of him having a sexual encounter with another man.  The reports from the media are not enough!

Savage knew it was too late to talk to the teens who already taken their lives but it wasn’t took late to speak to those who are still suffering and contemplating suicide. The “It Gets Better” Project was born and is now a national campaign. Dan Savage’s video has inspired many to create their own video messages letting LGBT teens know that even though they are going through discrimination, teasing and bullying that it will get better. For these teens, that simple message may sound easier said than done but I believe it is an amazing start.

Change starts with you. Don’t make someone feel less than for a lifestyle they choose. Making someone believe they are wrong for being who they are is harsh, ignorant and immature. We are all entitled to our own opinions but someone’s life should not have suffer because of them.

Check out these “It Gets Better” videos from the creator himself and other celebrity supporters.


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