Forever 21 Responds

Forever 21, a very popular clothing chain that attracts many shoppers who are under 21 was questioned about their motives for releasing the new line, Love 21 Maternity, in  five states. The five states include Arizona, Alaska, California, Utah, and Texas. The chain began to receive heavy criticism when The Gloss, a fashion blog, noticed that the five states the clothing chain chose to launch their line have some of the highest rates of teen pregnancy.

Executive vice president, Larry Meyer stands by the line and declares that the launch locations were not apart of the marketing strategies. “Forever 21 did not create, design or distribute Love 21 Maternity to target, or appeal specifically to pregnant teens. Any relationship between teen pregnancy rates and the locations of our stores is unintentional,” said Meyer.

That was the perfect public relations statement but it isn’t too believable. The launch locations appear to be very random. I hope there was some strategy behind the location selections. In my opinion it’s smart to launch a line full of trendy maternity clothes to states with high pregnancy rates. There is profit to be made in those states. I am not justifying teen pregnancy but teens are going to get pregnant with or without the clothes in my opinion so why not take advantage of the situation but I guess for PR sakes  Forever 21 chose the right words.


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