Pro-Life Group Unveils Another Bold Billboard

Pro-life groups, The Radiance Foundation and Georgia Right To Life is rolling out 60 new billboards for their campaign. The new billboards read “Black and Unwanted.”  The campaign was designed to promote adoption and foster care and the campaign’s billboards are said to be thought provoking by the two organizations. The groups believe that abortion  is prevalent in the black community. According to the campaign’s website, nearly 40% of all pregnancies in the black community end in induced abortion. The campaign is targeted in Georgia due to the high number of black women having abortions there. The first billboard was “Black Children An Endangered Species” a few months ago.  What do you think about the campaign and its billboards? Thought provoking or controversial?

Learn more at

“Endangered Species” Promo


Posted on June 8, 2010, in Lifestyle. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. It’s hard to feel like we’re to blame, but we’ve shoved men out of the picture and given THEM no choice. I appreciate the campaign and its message. The only controversy is really people just being faced with the facts and what to do with them.

    No one’s ever raised this publicly like this and as a black woman, I’m tired of the stuff that destroys our lives, drives good men away, and hurts our children. Abortion is no friend of mine! So thank you for telling the truth and providing resources to help women out that are in a crisis.

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