Urban Outfitters Controversy

Urban Outfitters is a clothing brand known for their daring statement t-shirts but sometimes some think they may take it too far at times. Their newest addition to the t-shirt collection has caused some drama for the company. A gray v-neck with the words “Eat Less” printed on it was available on the Urban Outfitters website early yesterday. I visited the site again around 1 a.m. Saturday morning and the site was underconstruction. I went back on the site this morning and and the controversial t-shirt was removed from the website. You can no longer purchase the t-shirt on the web but it is still available in the chain’s stores.

 After doing some research about the issue, I found that many bloggers have been calling the urban outfitter stores asking about the infamous t-shirt. At some locations, sales associates are confirming that the shirt is in stock but only in larger sizes. As a thicker girl, I don’t know whether to be offended or just go buy the shirt so I will have a constant reminder to diet or starve myself. Or, maybe the shirt wasn’t made with us thicker girls in mind but for the thin girls because the net has labeled the shirt the pro-anorexia shirt.

I think removing the shirt from the website may have been a wise public relations move and keeping it in the stores was smart. Shoppers should still have the opportunity to buy the shirt…freedom of speech (that means t-shirt statments too). I love urban outfitters shirts but I think I will pass on this one.


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  1. I get what they might have been going for…but it’s not appropriate. Overweight people typically eat such unhealthy items that it would really be more effective to try sending a message about healthy foods, not just portion sizes. The two tend to automatically go hand in hand. But, yeah, very irresponsible of them not to consider the many different things people could read into that statement.

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